Introduction of Founder of SBFO – Sudarshan Behl

Founder of SBFO – Sudarshan Behl

Sudarshan, who was born in Punjab region, had to leave his birthplace in 1947 due to sudden and sad partition of India.  At that time he was just 10 years.

He had to face harsh realities of life to survive and to support his big family when he started working to support his family financially but kept on continuing his education side by side.

The fate favoured him and luck shined with his sheer hard work and dedication in completing his education from Delhi and he joined Ministry of Education / Ministry of HRD in 1958 and served for glorious 39 years (from 1958 to 1997).  During these years he offered his services to the Nation from Delhi to Gujrat and from M P to West Bengal.

Sudarshan served as Divisional Incharge NFC, Baroda Division – Gujrat and had the charge of Divisional Incharge – Jabalpur Division / Reeva Division, M.P. also.

He also had the privilege of holding the important and vital charge of Adjutant – In Service Teachers’ Boys Home, Habra – West Bengal.
In 1998 he laid the foundation stone of Students’ Bright Future Organisaion after getting relieved from Govt. of India and to present day he is dedicated to Social Work related to education which also includes visiting and checking schools, meeting students, parents, teachers, head of institutions, government officials, politicians and beaurocrats to seek help in making the government run schools in India a better place to get not only the education but a career too.

SBFO got registered in 2002 and  from last 15 years SBFO Members enrolled are from 1 to now 300 + intellectuals including – principals, teachers CAs, advocates, under secretaries, dy secretaries, directors, professional, teachers, lecturers, principals, parents, education officers, HODs, doctors, engineers and beaurocrats.

He is so energetic that he himself have visited / surveyed more than 150 + government schools in Delhi, Shimla and Ahmadabad region.
SBFO is not taking any grant or aid from central / state government or any other national or international body, though SBFO welcomes financial and other support from its members and other contributors.



(an NGO engaged in helping and supporting education to poor and underprivileged children)
Founder - Sh. Sudarshan Behl
Registered Office :
31-A, Pocket - C, Mayur Vihar, Phase - II, New Delhi - 110091
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