Philosophy of SBFO

Every child has a right to elementary education of satisfactory and equitable quality in a formal school, satisfying certain essential norms and standards.

SBFO’s aim is to ensure that every child, even if he /she is poor or underprivileged has got the right to get education and deserve to be a good citizen of India.

Suggestions of SBFO :

SBFO has visited more than 200 schools in Delhi, Gujrat and Himachal Pradesh and have some suggestion to improve the quality and standard of education in India :

  1. Large number of vacant posts of Teachers in Schools should be filled as early as possible.

  2. Deployment of Teachers on extra activities like surveys and elections duties should be stopped.

  3. Teachers should be made accountable for the delivery of quality education and should be made answerable for results of students.

  4. Employment of Contractual and Guest Teachers against regular vacancies should be stopped.

  5. Basic amenities like drinking water, fans, desks, clean toilets should be provided.

  6. Board Exams for Class 10 should restart again however teachers and parents should be guided not to mound excessive pressure on students.

  7. Indiscriminate promotion to next classes upto 10th class should be stopped as the students will never come to know about their shortcomings if they are promoted without passing the exams.

  8. A formal training programme should be implemented for all promotes – Teachers to Vice Principals for 6 weeks and Vice Principals to Principals separately.

  9. Vocations education should also be provided in schools.

  10. Various means of teaching such as outdoor learning, dramatics, role plays, case studies / case lets, educational training programmes on TV, 3 D animation, computer supported lessons including educational CDs and tablets etc should be implemented in place of just conventional classroom teachings.

  11. Moral education must start once again in schools, the impact of modern day TV and films is taking students away from moral values and moral education will help them in becoming a good citizen.

  12. External Behavioural Professionals / Motivational Speakers / Training Experts / Guest Speakers / Story Tellers / Child Specialists / Child psychologists / Authors, Writers and other subject matter experts should be invited for workshops /  seminars for teachers and students from time to time, SBFO is ready to help Government in giving any such support in this matter as well.

  13. Buddy System / Mentoring should be introduced in schools and students should be given the right to pick and choose their Buddies / Mentors from Teachers so that they can spend quality time with them and regular counseling, coaching, mentoring can be given to them, SBFO is ready to help Government in giving any such support in this matter as well.

  14. ‘One to One with Principal Sir’ concept should be started, where one student everyday from any class any section randomly can spend 10-15 minutes with Principal Sir and can discuss about his / her goals/ dreams / strong points / weaknesses / other issues so that a direct feedback can be gathered by Principals to bring changes and improvements in their schools, this way students can be guided in right direction and SBFO is ready to help Government in giving any such support in this matter as well.

  15. SBFO believes in physical, mental, social and spiritual health of students and to improve the personality and confidence, various competitions should be started among schools to compete against each others in debate, speech, dramatics, sport and games this will ensure the overall development of students. SBFO is ready to help Government in giving any such support in this matter as well.

  16. Outstanding Teachers in various fields should be awarded on regular basis, just National Awards are not enough to motivate many many unsung heroes, awards like best teachers in every subject, best sports teacher, best music teacher, best yoga teacher, best teacher in cultural activities, best teacher in co curricular activities should be given zone wise, SBFO is ready to help Government in giving any such support in this matter as well.

  17. Similarly some more awards for students should also start as best student in a particular subject (maths, science, social studies, economics, accounts etc), best student in cultural activities, best student in games and sports and best student of the year awards etc.

  18. All streams like science, commerce and arts to be made compulsory in all schools with 11th and 12th standards.

  19. All basic games and sports facilities should be given in all schools to ensure and promote these activities, a sport committee with the powers and budget should be made by concerned Government  of to make sure that best of the sports talents are spotted in annual games and sports competitions and they are guided and coached on regular basis to get the best out of them, this will not only ensure the bunch of medals in Asian Games / Olympics but will also produce some well known sportsman who will bring laurels to the country.

  20. A spate sports budget should be given and pre sanctioned for all the schools to promote games and sports in schools.

  21. Scouting, NCC, NSS and Civil Defense Activities should be reintroduced in schools to make sure that we are giving all round development to our students.

  22. Education officers should be given more responsibilities and should be made answerable for the outcome of results in academic fields, cultural activities like NSS and Games & Sports.  It should be made compulsory for them to act as a welfare officer for Teachers and should be expected to meet certain % of teachers every month in staff meetings to get the first hand information of the problems and challenges faced by them in imparting quality education.

  23. Workshops for Principals and Teachers on the concept of ‘Builders of Nation’ should start so that they can take proud in becoming a true teacher and can call them the Builders of Nation proudly, SBFO is ready to help Government in giving any such support in this matter as well.

We also suggest that a Joint Inspection Team comprising officials of Directorate of Education and SBFO may be constituted with a view to assess and understand the problems faced by Students, Teachers and Principals.  This committee can present a report to the Govt. of India in bringing the standard of education up, which will not only help millions in making their careers but will also help Govt. of India in their dream of a quality of education to all.



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